Eden with Plum Blossom tree in the backgroundlaser cut pieces ready to be assembledsketch of a bird on graph paper, next to the final laser cut brooch

Hi there! My name is Eden, and I am the designer and maker behind Edenki. 

Edenki is a made up word – a combination of my name and the first couple of letters of my middle name. I like that it is both a part of me, but not me at the same time. It ended up looking a bit Japanese, so I pronounce it that way in my head (eh-den-key); I don't mind how you pronounce it though!

I'm Australian but lived in Japan in 2018-19 - I went to study Japanese but I'm not very good at it! 日本語の文法は本当に難しいね!。。。でも、英語もそうです笑

I've always been fascinated by skulls and skeletons, the macabre, and supernatural things in general. When I was young all the skull stuff was in a really hardcore/death metal style, with lots of flames and snakes. I prefer to give them a twist and make them look beautiful, cute, or elegant. I love juxtaposition and how things that seem opposite can be blended together.

I started making jewellery as a hobby way back in 2007, buying components and putting them together in combinations that made me happy - skull cameos in ornate black metal or vibrant kawaii settings, things like that. 
Increased access to digital fabrication tools (like laser cutters) made it possible for me to make my own components, and now here I am!
I LOVE making acrylic jewellery, and I love collecting and hoarding unique acrylics to use in my work.

I am so lucky that I get to make these special and intricate pieces for people who really love them! As a Maker, that's truly the ideal 💗

<3 Eden