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Testimonials - scroll for more!

This little guy is gorgeous! Beautiful detail and fun to wear...I will definitely be shopping with you again as your designs are fantastic. It was also beautifully packaged and a pleasure just to open the box 😉

(Cheeky Niffler Brooch)


This is the single most amazing piece of acrylic jewellery I have ever seen. The attention to detail, perfect assembly and acrylic choices are 11/10.

(Luna Lovegood Brooch)


This is a beautiful brooch in a lush finish that is so cute. Queue the compliments! It is absolutely stunning and incredibly well made with amazing attention to detail! The clip on the back is excellent too!

(Bailey the Bluebird Brooch)


A magical little sweetie! The care taken in the creation and posting is also lovely - thank you!

(Huey the Hummingbird Brooch)


I think Eden has a special talent for pairing gorgeous acrylics together.
Her brooches are so vibrant in both colors and textures. And the designs are so beautiful.
I am looking forward to see what she will come up with next.

(Fawkes Phoenix Brooch)


This brooch is WAY more beautiful in person. I thought it look magnificent in the photos, but it is even more in person! My husband even loved it! :O

(Hedwig Snowy Owl Brooch)


What a stunning brooch! There’s so much detail, it’s really well-made and the colours are lovely. I received it really quickly here in the UK - it was also beautifully wrapped and presented. I can highly recommend this seller. Thank you

(Luna Lovegood Brooch)


This brooch is AMAZING!!!! Bought as a gift for a friend and really considered keeping it and buying her something else.

(Fawkes Pheonix Brooch)


Absolutely flipping stunning omg like seriously, every detail is amazing and each different type of acrylic used to create the extra dimension, super impressed!! And that’s the fastest post I’ve ever received from Australia (to UK) and everything was soooo reasonably priced! Thank you Eden xxx

(HP Brooch Set)


The colours in this piece are gorgeous and she gets unending compliments and admirers. Absolutely perfect!

(Rosemary the Lorikeet Brooch)


Wonderfully detailed, and a great mixture of eye-catching acrylics. An overall beautiful design with a good size. And Edenki packages are always sent wonderfully wrapped and securely packaged.

(Gerald the Galah Brooch)


Exquisite, and perfectly captures the cheekiness of the niffler, right down to a tiny ring in his haul of shinies!

(Cheeky Niffler Brooch)